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A fee slip is given to your child twice a year. Please ensure that you fill in all the details completely on all three counterfoils of the slip. School fees are payable at Standard Chartered Bank, Kemps Corner Branch, Katav Mansion, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai, 400026. Please do NOT send your cheques or cash to the school.
If you pay by cheque, please remember to mention the cheque number and the name of the Bank on whom drawn, on the slip itself. Also if you pay by cheque, please write your child's name and bank number on the reverse of the cheque. This is very important. On making the fee payment, please collect the duly stamped counterfoils from the Bank, of both, the "Parent's copy", and the "School copy". The "Parent's copy" is your receipt and no separate receipt will be issued by the school. Kindly retain this copy for your records. The "School copy" should be handed over in a cover addressed to the respective teacher with your child's name on it on the 1st day of school.

School fees are payable twice a year i.e. for six months at a time, in advance before the beginning of each half year, irrespective of whether the child leaves midway or not.

Holiday 2017

Summer Holiday: Saturday, 22 nd April 2017 to Wednesday, 7 th June 2017. School will reopen on Thursday, 8 th June 2017. New students begin on Tuesday, 6 th June 2017.

Mid-term Holidays: Friday, 25 th August 2017 to Wednesday, 30 th August 2017.

Diwali Holidays: Saturday, 14 th October 2017 to Sunday, 22 nd October 2017.

Christmas Holiday: from Saturday, 16 th December 2017 to Wednesday, 10th January 2018. School will reopen on Thursday, 11 th January 2017. New students begin on Tuesday, 9 th January 2018.

Other Public Holidays:
  • Thursday, 26 th January 2017 Republic Day
  • Friday, 24 th February 2017 Mahashivratri
  • Monday, 13 th March 2017 Holi
  • Tuesday, 21st March 2017 Navroze
  • Tuesday, 28 th March 2017 Gudi Padwa
  • Tuesday, 4 th April 2017 Ram Navani
  • Friday, 14 th April 2017 Dr Ambedkar Jayanti & Good Friday
  • Monday, 26 th June 2017 Ramzan Id
  • Tuesday, 15 th August 2017 Independence Day
  • Thursday, 17 th August 2017 Parsi New Year
  • Monday, 2 nd October 2017 Gandhi Jayanti
  • Friday, 1 st December Id-E- Milad

All Students must come to school in a car pool. Only car with three or more children will be allowed inside the Oomer Park Compound. These Children should be dropped at the school front steps and a school staff will escort the children inside. Cars should leave the compound immediately thereafter. No waiting will be permitted. Cars with less than 3 children will alight outside Oomer Park and the parent/helpers should walk their children to the school door. If you are alighting outside Oomer Park, please make sure your car is parked appropriately and does not hamper the movement of traffic. Do organise your car pools with your class teachers. Please cooperate with us on this.

The monsoon is back! It is likely that there will be certain days during which the rains will be extremely strong. We will do our best to inform parents at the earliest in the event that we decide to keep the school closed for the day. This however might not always be possible. We request parents to, in the interest of their children, decide whether or not to send their children to school should they not receive a call from us on a heavy rainy day.