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1. The school will remain closed on all Public Holidays. The major vacations are in May and December. Exact holiday dates are announced periodically.

2. School fees are to be paid in advance before the 20th of January and 10th of June i.e. at the beginning of each term. No refund of fees will be granted.

3. All fees (excepting Entrance Fees) are payable directly to Standard Chartered Bank, Kemps Corner Branch for credit to the account of "Casa Bambino Montessori" for which necessary paying-in slips may be collected from the school.

4. If you wish to withdraw your child, you must give at least one full calendar months' notice in writing before the end of the current term, failing which the usual fees will be charged for the whole of the next term.

5. A Leaving Certificate will be issued to each pupil only if all fees due are paid to the school.

6. Pupils must be clean and tidy in their dress and appearance; there is no uniform.

7. In case of infectious illness, or exposure to infection, a medical certificate will be required before the pupil returns to School. Kindly see that all immunizations and vaccinations are kept up to date.

8. Pupils must be punctual.

9. Car-pools are encouraged. Cars are only allowed inside the compound if they are carrying three or more children.

10. Please do NOT call the school to enquire about the admission of your child. We will write and let you know whether the child will be admitted or not well before the due date.